The performance of the Israeli artist Jason Danino Holt investigates the art of confession – and the opportunity of a public exchange in one space and in real-time, without characters, masks and disguise. What will happen, as we start to disclose ourselves?

Eight performers sit around a table for seven hours, exchanging personal confessions.
Together with the audience they create a zone of temporary freedom, which can be heaven or hell, but one that always remains a playing field in which there are neither comments nor judgements. Viewers can come and go as they please, and are also invited to take part in the confessions if they are willing to share the spirit of the experiment.

“Not Letting It In” was developed in 2015 and first took place in the Tel Aviv studio of Jason Danino Holt and then moved to venues as the Israel Museum of Design, nightclubs, or Tel Aviv’s National Library.

Creator: Jase Danino Holt
Dramatorgy: Nataly Zukerman
Producer: Omer Alsheich