Written and Directed by : Jason Danino Holt

Actors : Magi Azarzar, Noa Biron , Liel Denir \ Ilya Grosz , Miki Leon\ Daniel Bronfman

Translation of Macbeth : Rachel Shour

Light Design : Adi Shimrony

Choreography : Marina Beltov

Costume Design : Barak Aviam Ish Shalom & Shira Wise

Original Soundtrack : Gal lev

“ Danino Holt succeeds in taking familiar materials and reshaping them with emotional and physical energy that creates a sharp extremely dense drama with one hell of an ending. “ ( Shy Bar Yaacov , Yediot Aharonot )

“ Jason Danino Holt directed the play with a good hand, the horrid themes of the play come across clearly and with great practicality - meaning with intended wonderful exaggeration” ( Tzvi Goren, Habama )