i know it when i see it - a contemporary musical reaction to porn. 
It started as a joke - Mr Porn. From the day i signed the contract and this piece was in the works. Mr Porn. May be random. Probably isn't. I never did porn. Actual porn. Talked a lot about sexuality on different stages. Never wanted people to get off though. It never was about their jizz. More about the thin lines that define us. All these voices travelling in the winds. Fighting each other. Summoning the rain. Hiding the sun. Feeding the birds. God has nothing to do with it. Sins do. Shame does. Freedom. Power. Empowerment. Disgust. Pleasure. Hate. And then Miss Jones. Existential Porn. A light breeze fighting against a hurricane. And winning. Staging our desires, our faults, our wishes, needs, strengths and pains. Holding each other, firm grasps, till it hurts, till it feels like home. Heaven, like hell, really is other people. Jason Danino Holt

Direction, Development, Text Edit (Textfassung) :Jason Danino Holt * Idea, Musical Concept: Thies Mynther

With: Daniel Chelminiak, Dancing Sven aka Sven Saim, Jill Emerson, Fee R. Kuerten, Thies Mynther, Emma Stenger Stage Music, Composition and Arrangements: Thies Mynther, Fee R. Kuerten Songs: EnsembleStage, Video: Johanna LandtCostumes: Clemens Leander Light Design:Yair Vardi Dramaturgy: Liat Fassberg Assistant Director: Emma Stenger AssistantProducer: Sandra TrostelStage Assistant: Svenja Stannat Costume Assistant: Anton von Bredow Production Hospitanz: Mereth Garbe Stage Hospitanz: Helena Fiebig

commissioned and produced by Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel - hamburg, germany.

Porno-Musical : Jede Menge Dirty Talk Ein Musical, das von Pornografie erzählt? Das ist nicht sexy – aber sehr klug.