You barely had pets
sweet child of mine
You had a little chickling
That with your very own ocean blue eyes
you saw how through the big living room window
( the one from which you could see the Mediterranean
before they built that chunky hotel )
an eagle soared in
and dug his beak into the chick
then took it with him
killed on the spot
breakfast of champions
you were 5

there was another chick
yes, there were two
the other one you stepped on
you squashed it to death

your grandma in the poor stitches of Morocco
used to throw chicks
from the roof tops
real old-school gaming
like marbles
Chicky Scramblz

sixty years later
Tel Aviv
you had
two animals
furry soft yellowish types of chicks
one you killed
the other was assassinated right in front of your
ocean blue eyes
and you did

Questions arose as you grew up
questions you kept to yourself
Why did you even have chicks
in your urban bourgeois Tel-aviv apartment ?
Were they meant to become massive croaking cocks ?
And how is it possible
that so tender a foot
squashed such a bone structure
pouring furry yellow soft intestines -
Jerusalem Mixed Grill Puddle on the kitchen floor ?

The Police officers open the windows, they throw in live chicks

Window female police officers :
Remember the blood

The chicks’ cry
Your tears

The shame

The family myth
Of the Chick-Executioner
Starring : you